Leah's Kitchen

Let's Cook Together!

Everyone is welcome to join us in celebrating delicious food. Leah Brooks, cooking instructor, invites you to slice, dice, saute, flambe, and most important of all, taste your way through the world of food. All classes utilize local ingredients, are hands-on, and emphasize that healthy food is delicious! Enter the kitchen with an open mind, an appetite, and desire to learn we promise to expand your culinary horizons.

The Kitchen

The kitchen where all the cooking classes take place is located at 1335 Guerrero Street in San Francisco, inside the Katherine Michiels School. The kitchen is equipped with Viking Professional equipment including a six burner stove, three convection ovens, and ample workspace atop a central large wooden countertop. The space is welcoming and can accommodate large cooking gatherings as well as intimate sized groups. Specialized equipment like pasta machines, woks, and cake decorating equipment make the kitchen a versatile place to learn a plethora of cuisines and culinary techniques.

Kitchen Manager and Cooking Teacher Leah Brooks

Who is Leah?

Chef Leah Brooks hails from Seattle where she graduated from culinary school and spent many years at some of the Pacific Northwest's most celebrated restaurants. After spending some time assisting her former chef teaching children's cooking classes, she knew she no longer wanted to cook at fine dining restaurants... she wanted to be in the classroom with kids. Leah was drawn to the Bay Area for its cornucopia of fresh ingredients and the edible education movement that originates here. Most recently she has worked with Sprouts Cooking Club, a non-profit that teaches children from all socio-economic backgrounds how to cook healthy foods hands-on.


Farmers Market Classes

Every first Saturday of the month, children have the opportunity to explore the rainbow of food at the Noe Valley Farmers Market. Each class will feature two farms or vendors so we can find out what's fresh and in season, and the class ends up in the kitchen for an improvisational cooking class. We provide the basic pantry, you bring $5 cash for your child to shop the market, and your budding chef brings their creativity! Its a win win situation because the end of the class is reserved for parents to sample their child's creations!

Price for KMS: $30/class

Non-KMS: $40/class

Plus $5 spending cash for market shopping.

Time: 10:00AM-1:30PM (1:30-1:45 for parent sampling of creations!)

Meeting Dates: June 2nd, July 7th, August 4th, September 1st, and October 6th.

Age: For children 9-13

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Summer Cooking Camps

Get out of the heat of the summer and into the heat of the kitchen! Kids will learn to cook, hands on, alongside Chef Leah Brooks. As always, your young chef will cook with local seasonal ingredients and even learn some tricks of the trade from a baker from Tartine Bakery, pizza and pasta master from Pizzaiolo, market chef and sustainable meat expert from 4505 Meats, and a cheesemonger from North Bay Curds and Whey! To register and for more information, please visit KMS Summer Camps.

Edible Education

At KMS, where the kitchen is located, students have the opportunity to learn through cooking at Leah's Kitchen. Cooking is built into the curriculum, which allows classes to create practical lessons for math, history, science, and reading. Cooking boosts confidence for children, and lessons end in a tasty nibble!

Volunteer in the Kitchen!

Do you love cooking, working with kids, and are looking for community service hours? Volunteer with us! Volunteers assist the kids cooking, as well as get a chance to work alongside local guest chefs. If you are interested in supporting the slow food movement and making a difference, please join us in teaching kids what good food is all about! If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the online application.


People we ADORE

If not for the generosity of the folks listed below, we wouldn't be able to make such deliciousness happen in our kitchen! A BIG thank you to:

26th and Guerrero Market

Sunny Farms at the Noe Valley Farmer's Market

Happy Boy Farms

Clover Organics

Straus Creamery

Beringer Wines